Accelerometry: the art of measuring physical activity

Having a healthy life is a treasure, which every man or woman would want to cherish. If you want to live a healthy and happy life, you should keep an eye on your health regularly. Measuring physical activity is one of such monitoring which helps you keep track of all your walking and running. Accelerometry lets you have a record of all your day to day physical activity so that you would have a general idea of how much improvement you should make to keep yourself slim and fit. The device which is used for this purpose is called accelerometer.

How to use an Accelerometer?
The accelerometer is used as a physical activity monitor. It is simply an electronic device which should remain attached to your body while performing the physical activity. There are mainly three types of accelerometer available in the market.
• Attached to the waist- These are attached to your belt.
• Wrist Accelerometer- These types of monitors are worn on your wrist like a watch.
• Ankle or shoe Accelerometer- These devices can be attached to your ankle or shoe.
Limitations of the device
There are certain limitations to this device, which could slightly affect the result of the Accelerometry. These devices are based on scientific calculation and basically designed for measuring the activity of walking, running and resting. If you are doing some physical activity while being stationary in a place like biking or standing, this device does not monitor that.
Some minimal factors like spring friction, electronic vibration are not taken into account while measuring the physical activity. Apart from all such limitations, these devices are a great and very useful physical activity monitor. If you want to keep track of all your physical activity, you definitely should have one.