Easy Company Registration Procedures to Make Things Work Even Faster

Going up to a registrar to get the company registrations formality done is the basic duty of every newly formed company. Without this registration, the company can never work and function well and properly in a society. The members of the company can either go up to the registrar of the ministry of Corporate affairs or even get their registration done at home, online.

Various steps to a company registration

The steps to get your company registered under a private limited company registration or public limited company registrations can be organized chronologically and arranged as follow.

• DSC or to acquire a Digital Signature Certificate.

• DIN or to acquire Director Identity Number

• Filing of the e-Form online or getting a new user registration done offline

• The last step is to incorporate the company into a public or a Private Limited Company Registration
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Documents required processing the registration

In order to get a company registered in the eyes of the law, there are also various documents required in order to prove the existence and prove the authenticity of the member of the company to be formed in order to prevent fraud and fraudulent activities.

• PAN card

• ADHAAR car/ Passport/ Voter’s ID card/ Driving license

• Bank statements of current month or of any latest date

• A scanned copy of every member’s signature

• A utility bill for residential proof

• A rent agreement along with an NOC from the landlord.

Choosing an appropriate name at the time of the registration

The company shall be allowed to choose a name which should not in any case match with any existing company name already registered in compliance to the companies’ act 2013. The newly registered company should find out their own unique name in order to make the Pvt Ltd Company Registration a success.

How long is the registration valid?

The registration of the company is valid until the regulations as bound by the company itself are met with. For example, in case of a joint stock company, the company ceases to exist as soon as the project gets completed and all the bills are paid. So the validity of the registration stays put until the company is done with its operations.