Four natural termite control measures

There are quite a few ways to get rid of termites naturally; in spite of the fact that they form part of our ecology, they are quite destructive when it comes to furniture and other related materials in homes and offices. Therefore, if they are not quickly controlled they could cause high level of damages. Therefore, learning and adopting natural Termite control (กำจัดปลวก) measures is very imperative for home and business owners.

There are quite a few techniques one can use to stem the tide of termite infestation amongst which are:
• Using a Cardboard trap: cardboard traps are one of the few natural techniques of killing Termites. They are useful due to the fact that they contain a chemical compound known as cellulose, which attracts the female Termites. They are attracted to it because of its smell, therefore when they climb it you gather them and burn them off.
• Light exposure: this is another proven method, it is effective because Termites are not too friendly with sunlight, and in fact, it could kill them due to the heat. Therefore, clear all the grass and overgrown flowers in your environment. You could also break the ground of an affected region thus exposing them even further to the sun rays. Also, you will do well to dry out your furniture under the sun once in a while.
• Moisture removal: ปลวก (termites) generally love moist environments and as such, care must be taken to keep your environment dry at all times. Damp areas are generally known to host larger numbers of Termites and as such keeping your area dry will certainly save you and your belongings a possible Termite invasion.
• Use of Nematodes: Finally, there are certain worms that eat small insects like termites. This Biological control method can be used to dominate the otherwise Termite owned territory thus chasing them away.