What the matchmaker does not know?

Does a player play a hero, which he can do well? Does the player have a good or bad day? Is the player drunk, overtired or even both? Just playing a cat on the keyboard? The list of factors that cannot be taken into account is long. Therefore, there will never be "perfect" games. dota 2 boosting can help you in boost your MMR.

A good match for many players is only given if they win. This is simply not the case because on the other hand are also people. It is simply that you would lose almost half of all games. The task of the matchmaker was to make these games as exciting as possible. Even if the opposing team simply "marched", this does not necessarily have to be a massive difference in the skills of the two teams. Even in real life, there would always be "crushing" victories in sports tournaments (you can only look at the last World Cup), although both teams are considered as equal. The matchmaker is constantly changing and Blizzard is working hard to improve it. Every week there are server-side updates on the matchmaker - the system can never be perfect but at least one is working on it.

What do many players not know?
At no time does the matchmaker take into account the level of a player. The level symbolizes only the time that someone has spent and in no way his ability. Add to this the fact that Blizzard has already assigned you an MMR in the closed and open beta if you have played in time. Because even if someone is just beginning and has a low level: Perhaps it is an experienced player who has gambled in the beta many hours. Dota 2 booster is very easy and crucial booster that every game lover should use it.