A desktop stand for monitor (stolni nosač za monitor) offers best extra desk space

If you have purchased a flat screen television set, have you given a thought what type of mount are you going to get for it. The mount is vital to offer you to get the most out of your flat screen viewing. You should know beyond fixed wall mount for tv(zidni nosač za tv), you can opt for other (nosači za tv) mounts for tv that will offer you the best viewing from anywhere in the room. The fixed mount is the simplest of them all and just like hanging a mirror on the wall. It is the cheapest compared to the other complex motorized mounts available.

Accelerometry: the art of measuring physical activity

Having a healthy life is a treasure, which every man or woman would want to cherish. If you want to live a healthy and happy life, you should keep an eye on your health regularly. Measuring physical activity is one of such monitoring which helps you keep track of all your walking and running. Accelerometry lets you have a record of all your day to day physical activity so that you would have a general idea of how much improvement you should make to keep yourself slim and fit. The device which is used for this purpose is called accelerometer.

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